Thermo Sentia Digital 15, 30, 50, 75 and 100 litres

High quality, aesthetical, comfortable; reason enough to choose the range from our offer which common sense dictates.

The intelligent choice now comes with a more accurate digital display - even easier to visualize in its digital version.


  • Quadrangular exterior
  • Vertically or horizontally mounted (except Sentia Analogue 15 and 30-litre models)
  • Magnesium anode
  • Clad housing
  • Pilot light
  • Double-bulb thermostat
  • Less heating time (-30%)
  • Sentia Digital model with digital display


    111.030HDSentia D. 30HØ490x404x4201
    111.050DSentia D. 50Ø680x404x4201
    111.075DSentia D. 75Ø900x404x4201
    111.000DSentia D. 100Ø1150x404x4201